How often am I billed?

We read and bill approximately half of the district each month; therefore, your meter is read and you are billed every other month.

What are the codes on my bill?

WTR is the amount of water you used since the last meter reading. SVC is the monthly service charge and is based on your meter size. PRV is any unpaid balance for your account.

Why don't you accept credit cards for bill payment?

Our bank would love for us to do that as they can charge for each transaction. In an effort to keep costs down, we choose not to accept credit card payments.

How hard is my water?

Hardness averages 190 ppm within a range of 137-211 ppm. To convert to grains per gallon, divide the hardness in ppm by 17.1. The average hardness is 11.1 grains per gallon within a range of 8.01-12.34 gpg.

What are the fluoride levels in my water?

We import nearly all of our water from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and they maintain fluoride level at about 0.8 ppm.

Early image of the water tunnel in Pickens Canyon built in the 1920’s